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The 101's of a Steel Boned Corset

A corset can be one of the most functional garments in a woman's wardrobe. It is worn as sexy lingerie or as a fashion item.However, the primary purpose of a corset is to change your body shape gradually. A corset can be used to give your torso an hourglass shape by pulling in your waist. Ever since the 1800s, women have used corsets to make their body shapes curvier... Today, everyone from celebrities to regular women wears these garments to create killer curves on their bodies. These functional garments have grown in popularity so much that thousands of units are sold every day. Read on to learn more about the structure of a corset, the various types available and how to maintain it.

What is a corset made of?

A corset is made of a flexible yet durable material that is reinforced with steel boning. The flexible material can be leather, satin or cotton. Moreover, the steel boning is a set of flexible steel rods that add strength to the corset to cinch your waist and increasing the curves around your bustline and hips.

How do you wear a corset?

To cinch your waist properly, you should wear a corset and then fasten the front busk of the garment. This is a section of the garment that is made of two stays made of steel. One of these is fitted with metallic loops. As such, you can use some fasteners on one stay and link them to the loops for a good fit. After that, you can tighten the lacing at the back of the corset until the steel bone firmly holds your torso.

Corsets are available in two main types of structures. These are the overbust and the underbust corsets. Depending on the style and design, you can wear a corset over or under your clothes. Some of these functional garments are made to have light effects while others provide extreme results. One of the most popular types of corsets is the steel boned variety. Here is more about it.


Discover the steel boned corset

If you desire visible, lasting results in the shortest time possible, this is the corset to get. It allows you to change your shape dramatically and can rapidly reduce your waist size by up to 5 centimetres. A high-quality steel boned corset can reduce your waist size by up to 13 centimetres resulting in an unmissable change in the appearance of your body. Available in many types of fabrics and styles, there is a steel boned corset for every woman's needs.

Steel boned corset can have two types of steel within them. They include:

  1. Flat steel

  2. Spiral steel

  3. A combination of flat and spiral steel

Flat steel provides you with a stable waist cinching. Also known as sprung steel, it creates a corset which is stable and does not bend or get crooked when you wear it during your day to day tasks. It remains stable in shape no matter how much you move your torso. Hence, a flat steel boned corset provides you with favourable results in the shortest time possible.

Spiral steel provides you with a reliable waist cinching while also providing extra flexibility for torso movement. When you wear a spiral steel corset, you can move your torso around easier than if you were wearing a flat steel boned corset. However, it takes longer to deliver the results you desire.

To provide quick results and promote flexibility, manufacturers produce the flat and spiral steel boned corset. It gives you the stability you need from a corset while still allowing you to enjoy flexible movement when you want.

Which other parts of a corset are made of steel?

When you are searching for a corset, you should find one that fastens in the front and also laces up in the back. The front section is known as the busk and should have flat steel embedded in it. This prevents it from tearing apart when you fasten the laces at the back tightly. As a rule of thumb, you should not buy a corset which uses bra fastening or closes up using a hook and eye.

Some other parts of a corset which are made of steel are the grommets. These are the small holes where the cord that you use to lace up your corset normally runs through. Good quality corsets will have the grommets made of steel. By using this material, they can withstand the tension exerted by tight lacing.

One of the female garments which look almost exactly like a corset is the bustier. Many women confuse the two. Here is a clarification of the difference between a corset and a bustier.


The difference between a corset and a bustier

Corsets and bustiers look very similar. They both provide support for a woman's torso and in most cases support the bust too. Regarding function, the difference between these two garments is that a corset inches the waist while a bustier boosts the bust.

A corset comes from the Victorian age and is a major part of the history of functional fashion. As such, many women enjoy the waist-slimming ability and the old-fashioned look of the corset. In contrast to this, a bustier is a modern garment. It is a combination of a fancy bra and shapewear. It boosts your bust and flattens your midriff too.

How to care for your steel bone corset

There are specific ways to clean and store your corset so that it can last for a long time. Firstly, store your corset by hanging it with the lining facing outwards on the laces. Doing so will distribute the weight of the steel bones across all the laces. As a result, your corset will not wear out in one area before the other. In addition to that, this form of storage protects the delicate fabric and allows the lining to air out properly.

Keeping the corset clean can be done by spot cleaning. Use a mild detergent and keep it smelling fresh with a suitable freshener. However, you should never wash your corset in the washing machine. This can cause the steel bones to rust and damage the fabric extensively. If you feel that your corset needs a deep clean, have it dry cleaned.


Corseting has been around for centuries. Women all over the world have achieved beautiful hourglass shapes using these functional garments. The most effective and popular type in South Africa is the steel boned corset. Everything about it is indicated above for your reading pleasure. Make sure you get a perfect fit for positive results.