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Corset of the day

Are you a Corset Lover? Try Our Corset of the Day!

Our corset of the day is the ultimate blend of seduction and femininity. This hand selected collection will tempt anyone to find their inner vixen! Live out your wildest fantasy when you wear the corset of the day. Whether you are searching for steel-boned, leather, under the bust or lace, our wide range of corsets will enhance your natural curves. Worn under your clothes for a risqué surprise, or make it the main feature of your ensemble on a night out. Whatever your corset choice, you will not be disappointed!

Are you a Corset Lover? Try Our Corset of the Day! Our Corset of the Day collection is a good place to start your corset shopping. It is a corset line that features the best corsets at the most amazing discounts. There's nothing we love more than choosing a corsetry surprise for our loyal shoppers. Choose the Perfect Corset Today! Waisting Away is the home of hundreds of unique corsets with beautiful styles and great prices to suit every lady. Available in a wide variety of designs and shapes, from playful Burlesque to serious under bone corsets, our corset collection is for the experienced corset wearer and for anyone who is just starting to wear a corset.

We also have a broad range of waist training corsets to give you natural looking curves in no time. The corset of the day ranges from vintage-inspired to leather corsets for you to create your own unique style. Choosing the right corset for your figure is the right way to pick the best waist training piece. You can choose a corset that will provide boning support and do the job of holding the fabric tight, stopping it from folding at the waist and bunching up at the back where it laces up. Even if you're in search of a bodice and not a traditional corset, we stock a variety of fabrics that can serve your needs.