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Lingerie is a terrific way for a woman to gain confidence in her intimate relationship. With materials that hug and support her curves, every woman can find lingerie that will accentuate her features in ways that stimulate her partner and bring them closer together.

The most popular types of lingerie include Baby Dolls, Slips, Teddies, Garters, Corsets and Waist Trainers.

Most people likely think of baby dolls, slips and teddies when one brings up lingerie. These are all tailored to feature the breast area while leaving the woman room to breathe with flowing and flared fits at the bottom of the garment. There are many varieties of each style of lingerie listed above. They can show the stomach area or conceal it if desired, and each can be paired with several unique styles of panties allowing the woman chance to express what she feels is sexy.

Waist trainers have become the increasingly popular style of lingerie with many celebrities using them to create an hourglass figure. By utilising the corset, the waist slowly over time “trains” itself to fit the shape of the garment. Waist trainers are a terrific way for the woman to accomplish more curve to her physique. This piece of lingerie will undoubtedly offer a tremendous confidence boost when the desired effect has taken shape.

For those looking for the style of the waist trainer but don’t want the long term benefits then the corset is the lingerie for you. The design of the corset enables the woman to trim her upper body to the desired shape while creating cleavage that will excite her partner. A terrific part of using corsets is how much flexibility is offered to the woman. The corset is cinched using laces, much like tying a shoe, in the back of the lingerie. It is entirely adjustable and allows the woman the ability to choose how tight she wants to wear the corset. When done right the corset leaves the woman looking stunning. For these reasons, corsets are an incredibly attractive purchase for the woman hoping to add some spice to her relationship.