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Everything you need to know about corsets

Most people have an idea that a corset is just a sexy piece of lingerie. A corset is used as lingerie, but its purpose is far more useful than just being pleasing to the eye. A corset has been famous since the 1800’s and back then, it was lingerie. Today, the modern corset is a tool to pull in your waist which gives your torso an hourglass shape. It works like a bra, giving your bust shape. Accept a corset will shape your waist and have you feeling ultimately sexy in no time.

Today, corsets are becoming very popular because they create killer curves. Most celebrities are also into the trending of wearing a corset. Corsets have been worn in the past by aristocrats and now in today’s day and age, just about anybody can wear one.

What is a corset?

Corsets are made from a durable, yet flexible fabric. In waist training, the most famous material is a sturdy latex. This material is reinforced with steel boning (flexible steel rods) to give the corset strength for cinching in your waist and accentuating your curves. Corsets are made to fit around your midsection and can either be a underbust or an overbust. It all depends on your style and what you like to wear. Underbusts are very popular and can be for any occasion. It can be worn daily just like women wear a bra.

Corsets can be worn either over your clothes or under your clothes. The more steel bones in a corset, the more you will get that hourglass figure that you want. If you wear the corset regularly, you can see a difference straight away. Some people have dramatic changes in just a short time.

Should you wear a corset?

Steel boned corsets are fashionable,  and women wear them for many reasons. Some corsets are as a fashion statement, and some corsets are worn for weddings. Many women wear a corset for to straighten the posture. Women wear corsets to get that hourglass figure. Whatever the reason is, the results of wearing a corset is always positive. It has been a favourite trend for centuries. The hourglass figure is what most women aspire to. Wearing a corset will get you the hourglass figure that you want.

What about safety?

It is not dangerous to wear a corset. There has to be common sense when deciding to wear a corset. Safe corseting practices are advised. It is good to choose a corset that fits your body type. If your corset is causing you pain or discomfort, then you are not wearing it correctly, or you have purchased a size too small. Our corsets come in three settings so that you can gently train your body to shape into an hourglass figure over time. Do not push yourself, take it slow and in your stride, you will know when it is the right time to push for the next set.

Corsets are safe when worn correctly. In fact, they help control back pain and corsets also correct your posture. There are more benefits to wearing a corset than there are cons. It comes highly recommended. In fact, there are some women who have had back injuries who praise corsets. The corsets relieve pain. Use wisdom when purchasing a corset. Don’t go for a corset that is too small.

How does the corset work?

Corsets offer an instant hourglass figure. Waist trainers can also obtain permanent results in shaping your waistline. Wearing a corset can also help with weight loss. The corset makes you feel like eating lesser quantities of food. The material and steel bones tighten your waist. One notices a difference almost immediately.

Waist training is training your waist to become slimmer and trimmer.

The steel boning is essential because the steel bones are necessary for cinching the waist. Anything that is not steel boning is used mainly for aesthetics and is only used to look good. It will not be a waist trainer. It is just for fashion. Our waist trainers are used to trim the waistline. You can trim your waist as tight as you want it to go.

What results can you expect from wearing a corset?

There are many before and after results that you can see when searching reviews on how much a corset has helped to gain that hourglass figure. For some women, results are immediate. It depends on your body shape.

What is the difference between a corset and a waist trainer?

A corset is usually satin, cotton or leather. A corset uses steel boning to shape your waist. You can wear it as a fashion statement

A waist trainer is latex fabric, and it is shapewear that uses the elasticity of the material to tighten the waist. A waist trainer is worn as an undergarment.

Underbust vs overbust:

Underbust corsets are usually worn underneath your clothes. It fits right underneath the breasts. Overbust corsets can be worn in place of a bra. Overbusts can also be worn as clothing. It depends on what suits you best.

How do you clean a corset?

It is best to take your corset to an experienced dry cleaner. Do not ever put your corset into a washing machine. You will ruin the fabric, and the steel bones will rust. You can spot clean it with detergent and allow it to dry. Always air out your corset and line it over a hangar. Use fabric freshener in between cleanings. Do not dry your corset outside where the sunlight is as that will damage the corset.

As women, the older we get, the more our metabolism starts to deteriorate, and we do not lose weight as quickly as when we were younger. The reason our metabolism slows down is also why it is necessary to exercise or wear a corset to train the waistline. You will notice a change in your waistline if you are serious about waist training.  Enjoy your new hourglass figure!