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All You Need To Know About Waist Training Corsets

If you are planning to get a waist trainer for all of its benefits you have heard of or if you already have one and now you have a big question mark above your head, then read on. We have compiled some of the most practical tips so you can burn fat and get that curve you've been hoping for.

Get the right size

Just like with shoes or clothes, you need to get the right size of waist trainer to use. If you have a poor fitting corset, it will be uncomfortable and will not give you your desired results.

How To Use A Waist Trainer Effectively.

Buy A Waist Trainer For Your Body Type, Waist trainers are not a one size fits all kind of thing. You can choose from different styles that are designed for specific body types. Some aspects to consider are the length, size, shape, and curve, and fabric used. If you get a waist trainer that fits your body type, waist training will be more comfortable, and you will see better results.

How To Lace Your Waist Trainer

When tightening a corset, you need to remember that you can't do it too tightly the first time. If you are just beginning, it must be snug, but you must be able to slide several fingers along its top and bottom. You can gradually raise the squish factor as you get more comfortable wearing it. Likewise, as you use the corset, it will also adjust to your body.

How Long Should You Wear Your Waist Trainer

If it's just your first time to wear it, you can wear the corset for 1.5 to 2 hours max. You can do this for several days as if you're breaking in your body and your corset. During regular waist training, you can wear it at least 4 to 6 hours per day.


Gradually is the magic word

With waist training, gradually is your magic word. Don't tighten it to the point that it becomes painful to wear. Over the course of waist training, you can gradually tighten it through 10 to 14 days. Sure, you want to see some results, but do not rush it. Rush, and you risk damaging your waist trainer and yourself.

Take a breather

On some days you can wear it for as long as 6 hours, but on certain days, you can give yourself a break. Don't worry, even the most aggressive people doing waist training take it off on certain days.

Waist training, diet, and exercise

You can couple your waist training with a healthy diet and exercise. You can buy all the waist trainers, but it is important that you take good care of your body. Never wear your corset while exercising.

Fashion Corsets Are Different

Do not make the biggest mistake of buying fashion corsets thinking that they're good for waist training. They are not, and you will just be wasting your money.

Waist training while sleeping

If you plan to wear your waist trainer, you can cinch your waist trainer an inch or two less than what you do during the daytime.

How To Make Sure You're Buying The Best Steel Boned Training Corset

If you've decided to treat yourself to a steel boned training corset, making sure you're buying a quality item is going to be at the top of your priorities list. With plenty of corsets on the market, and with prices starting with a pocket money price tag, it can often be hard to decipher what corsets are worth parting with a little extra cash for. So, to help ensure you make an informed decision when it comes to buying your dream corset.

It's what's on the inside that counts

For a quality steel boned training corset, it's all about what's on the inside that counts. So you may have found a corset with seriously gorgeous fabric, but if it's got cheap boning underneath, it's not going to make the grade. Make sure you know what boning your corset has - especially if you want to see results with your waist training. A standard corset with steel boning will feature around 12 flat steel bones whereas a waist training corset could have anything around the 16-24 mark - and those will usually be a mix of spiral and flat steel bones.

How to tell your corset is top quality

It doesn't matter if you're a corset novice, these simple things to look out for will help you check that your corset is the real deal.

How heavy it is

Lots of cheaper corsets have plastic boning, so they're considerably lighter than quality steel boned training corsets. So, a top quality piece of corsetry is going to feel quite hefty when you pick it up and give it a good feel. But feel away because it's the best way to find out if your corset is going to do what you want it to do - which is - mould to your figure and train that waist into shape!


Check the seams

As with all good quality fashion, you can tell a lot by the seams. And when a piece of fashion has to withstand some serious tension, the seams need to be good and strong. So have a good look over your steel boned training corset and check that those seams are there to stay. Bad stitching and small seam allowances are a surefire sign of bad craftsmanship.

Does it mould to your body?

Even if you're still unsure as to whether you're holding a corset that's at the top of the class or one that's going to fail to make the grade, you can tell even more by trying your corset on. A steel boned training corset will feel heavier and more constricting - as those steel bones will be doing a proper job, unlike their plastic counterparts. What's more, steel bones have the ability to mould to your body shape whereas plastic bones don't. Just imagine a metal pipe cleaner and (if they existed) a plastic pipe one. The metal one can bend, the plastic one will snap.

Check the fabric

Lastly, it's a good idea to check over the fabric of your corset. You're basically on the lookout for non-stretchy material - something like cotton for instance. That's because your steel boned training corset is all about staying put, keeping you sucked in and contained. What's the point of wrapping up all that corset technology in a stretchy fabric when it's defeating the purpose?

Money talks

There's no denying it, we all love a deal - but sometimes it's worth spending a little extra if you know you'll be getting your money's worth. A corset that costs pennies isn't going to do what you want it to do. Ok, so you may get one night's wear out of a cheap corset, but it certainly won't cinch you in to create those killer curves that superior corsets do. Spend your money wisely, and you'll have a corset that's with you for the long haul.