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What are Overbust Corsets and how good is it?

Overbust corset mainly covers the upper part of the human body from above the bust to the hip portion. It is a modern style of corset, and it can be worn both as standalone top and as lingerie.

There are different styles, designs, materials and colours of corsets available in the market. Once you start looking for a corset it will amaze you the amount of collections and variants that exist. Corset ranges from fancy fashion statement to functional garments, selecting the best one is often a question of style and fittings.


What shape interests you?

The overbust corset does not only trim your waist but at the same time changes your entire figure. Any woman can choose to tone down her assets or showcase them, all at ease. The corset will trim your waist which means your bust will look large in proportion to your body. It is an added advantage for many women!

To get the desired shape the first and foremost thing to consider is your body type. For individuals, whose breasts are very large, it is a good idea to select overbust corset with better support and structure. Steel boned corsets are also suitable for the purpose as there comes added support, and it is more comfortable than you expect. That is why laced corsets are far superior when you are looking for a tighter fit. If you want to minimise the size of the bust line, it is better to choose laced corsets because they are specifically designed for this purpose. This overall look will be slimming and smooth.

For smaller breasts, there are many options available. You can increase the appearance of bust line by almost cup size or more. The design of the overbust corset pushes the breasts upward like that of push up bra. It helps you look far more beautiful and attractive.

A unique feature of a corset is that it will show your natural curves and at the same time can create new curves too. Overbust design cinches the waist and helps in creating curves on both sides of your body.


Determining the Purpose of your Corsets

Corsets are helpful for various purposes, and it is important to identify what you need or want before buying one. There are some corsets available that are designed entirely for waist training. There are other models which can use as costumes for any private romantic- or special event. When you are using overbust corset as a part of your costume, it is important to find the perfect accessory such as the flowing blouse to wear. It is something that can help you with a medieval look or any other desired look. Corsets can be paired with jeans or try it with leather skirts too.

If you want to experiment with Steampunk, both overbust, as well as underbust, can help in creating that signature look. This unique combination of science fiction meets Victorian giving you the freedom to try creative new things. Try out all new things to shine, add colourful accessories that can help you look attractive and beautiful. It is always important to try something new, make you feel sexy and single you out from the crowd.


Size Matters

Size matters a lot when you are shopping for corsets. One important thing you need to consider, and not many individuals are aware, however. An oversized overbust corset is unattractive and uncomfortable, so better be careful when you shop. Make sure you are aware of the cup size so that it fits nicely and there is no gap in-between

It is not at all a good idea to rely entirely on your current bra to get the correct size. Measure all critical areas such as the hips, under the bust line and natural waist. Natural waist is the thinnest part of waist; underbust measurement is at the bottom of the bra and right at the top of ribs.

When measuring, few important things should be considered, pull the tape close around the area but make sure it is not so tight which may cause the skin to bulge. Fit should be snug, and things may not be comfortable. To get your cup size make sure you measure the fullest part of the bust. There are many online charts available which can help you learn the use of underbust as well as overbust measurements to get the perfect cup size. These measurements are quite helpful and necessary when you go for corset shopping, something that can help you get a comfortable fit.

The right fit and size will make sure the corset feels good, looks attractive and is comfortable enough. There are wide ranges of corsets available on the market; most are available within the range of R700 to R1000. Buying well-made and branded corsets are worth, and it can last a lifetime.