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7 Day Waist Training Beginners Guide & Checklist

Waist training is a unique process of reducing waist size and efficiently emphasising curves with the help of tight laced corset or waist trainer. These garments help any woman in giving an attractive hourglass figure, which is slim waist and beautiful curve over hips.

With time, as you pull at the waist your body will shift. It is a semi-permanent effect on the abdomen area due to constant compression. The more you wear waist trainer, the better result you will get, you can learn to train your waist and get a shape like an hourglass. Waist training is proven effective, and it works.  There are countless pictures available which show the difference between before and after pictures; waist training is the key to beautiful curves.


How to get started

The key to waist training is enjoying every bit of the journey. Make sure you pick the right waist trainer. On starting, ensure that you select the best latex waist trainer with adjustable three hook-and-eye front closure and good boning. It is important to have these three requirements to get the desired result.

Every waist trainer is unique and different. There are varieties of closures, boning and blends of fabrics used. Steel boned waist trainer is preferred over the plastic boning, the primary difference being durability. Steel is a lot tougher than plastic, something which will increase the lifespan of the waist trainer.

  • The waist trainer should be tight enough so that can fit your waist on 3rd hook closure.
  • It should have enough structure to ensure that it is not rolling over the waist.
  • Waist trainer should not interfere with your breathing or cause any pain.
  • Initially, you will feel uncomfortable, with time you will get used to it.
  • Shaper should not bulge and must close properly.
  • Measure the smallest part of your waist, also called natural waist. This measurement you have to deduct to get the appropriate size for waist training goals.


7 Days to Thinner

Day 1

Start the program by wearing the slimming garment for 2 hours.  The time can be adjusted based on your needs. During the first three days, you should wear it for at least 2 to 3 hours.

Day 2

Today wear the waist trainer for 4 hours. Beginners should be prepared to feel restricted or restrained. Slowly with time your body will become accustomed to the process. Don't push it hard and listen to your body. At any stage, if you feel any pinching or pain, remove the trainer. By wearing the waist trainer, start basic exercise programs such as stretching.

Day 3

Today limit your waist training to 6 hours.  Carry on doing stretches as well as add 12 to 15 minutes of cardio to your training.

At this point, it is important to increase waist training more. By now you should be accustomed to waist trainer and try to extend it for 8 hours in total. Unless you are in a routine of wearing waist trainer, don't sleep with your waist trainer. The key is to wear this garment for a longer period, the more time you wear it comfortably, the more useful results you get.

Day 4

By now onwards you should wear waist trainer for around 8 hours every day. The best thing about this waist trainer is that it affects your eating habits. Whenever you are eating with this trainer on, you will notice that you are unable to eat larger meals. It is because your waist trainer is constricting your stomach and is a real advantage with this waist trimming product.

Day 5

Results are stunning when waist training is paired excellently with regular exercise and healthy eating. It is a reliable tool that can help you lose weight and encourage you to do it every single day. It is something that gives you the confidence and necessarily adopts you to follow a healthy lifestyle.

Today make sure you wear this trainer for 9 hours. Alongside push cardio to 20 or 25 minutes and follow a strict diet.

Day 6

By this time you feel comfortable with the waist trainer and will start to feel that you are losing weight. If the trainer is slipping, tighten the closure.

Today’s target is to wear the trainer for 10 hours. Remember to do some exercises and follow your healthy eating plan.

Day 7

So finally, you have completed seven days, you are now wearing waist trainer for 10 hours every day. Eating is much better and limited. With time you are getting accustomed to brief exercising moments and ready for intense strength training as well as cardio programs. If you fail to follow the intense training, try simple exercises, and it will be beneficial for your health as well as looks.


Every individual's body structure is different. There are various factors associated with weight loss or how fast waist will shrink. Individuals having bigger waist can see the visible result in few days' time compared to the one having little fat or well-toned body. Always remember, this process is all about training body to reshape, this may require consistency and time.

Tips to Remember

Soon you will start look slimmer with this waist trainer. Compression will start immediately, and long term results are dependent mostly on the commitment and time for which you are wearing the trainer on a regular basis.

During the process, it is important to be hydrated properly. Another essential benefit of this trainer is the increase of thermal activity to the core area. It will help to increase perspiration.

At any time during the process, if you feel breathing is a problem or you are uncomfortable to engage in normal activities, immediately remove the waist trainer. It is a visible sign that waist trainer is either not fitted properly or too tight.

Also, spend few Rands and get a high-quality waist trainer. Having a quality waist trainer will help you to continue the waist training program after seven days of the trail run. At times you may feel tempted to buy a cheaper trainer, but always remember that this shaper is ideal for training. Anything less could lead to disappointment, poor result, and frustration.

No product or weight loss technique can help you lose weight or reshape body overnight. It is something where you need to be patient and follow the weight loss goal for a long term. Following the guidelines accurately is important and wear the waist trainer correctly.

Self-check the waist trainer regularly to ensure you are wearing it correctly and staying within healthy balance. Unlike any other weight loss program or new exercise, it is important to assess your goals quite often for optimal outcome.

Frequently asked questions

Q: What are the visible results?
A: Result of waist trainer is dependent on various factors. Here are few important points:

  • How long you wear the trainer every day
  • How often you wear the waist trainer every week
  • How tightly you wear the waist trainer
  • Are you following any other exercise or weight loss program

Genetics too plays an important role here. Even if two different persons have the same waist measurement initially and follow the same procedure as well as other variables, the result with waist training still varies and shows a different result.

Q: Will this product also work for lower tummy portion also?
A: Yes. If you are having hanging stomach or longer torso a 3-row hook-and-eye closure trainer reaches longer than two rows. There is a butt lifter available in the market that contains latex panel; this will help to target the stubborn lower tummy portions. Alongside use better underwear, body form also depends on a large extent on the choice of garment and fittings you opt.

Q: Should I sleep putting on the waist trainer?
A: It is recommended not to sleep with this compression on your waist. It is advised to give the body a break from waist trainer when you are sleeping.

Q: How should I wash my waist trainer?
A: Make sure you hand wash the waist trainer, any other methods of washing can ruin the garment. Wash the trainer at least thrice a week.