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Corset Tops

If you have had a little obsession with corset tops, it is probably due to the inevitable fact that you have suddenly "ballooned out" and this fashion style might at last look stunning on you. Again the corset top is an irresistibly flexible item and classy especially when you add a blue blazer on top. However, hey watch out! By corset top, I do not mean the underwear variety.

Corset tops are designed as fashion accessories and definitely shouldn't be mistaken with waist cinchers. They are a smart way to show off your body and are guaranteed to turn heads especially outdoors. Don a corset top and step out on the dance floor, racing and sports events and become the centre of attraction as all eyes get fixated on your midriff.

Moreover, with such a wide selection of lines and cotton corset tops available on the market these days, you are at liberty to wear them at more formal events, and you may choose to wear one that comes with a skirt or simply wear a single piece look accomplished.

Styles and colours

If you fancy buying your clothing online, like most people these days, you will find plenty of catalogues appearing in a variety of styles and colours, and you can select either corset that is plain designs, or other with extras. For the adventurers, you can even find corsets made from animal patterns, satin, and even leather. Whatever style you prefer, whatever event you plan to attend, or whatever mood you intend to raise, you can be sure to find a corset top that's the right fit for you.

Corset or waist cincher?

If ballooning up has left you feeling disconcerted when you gaze at your image in the mirror, yes! A corset top will help you look curvy and slim. Moreover, if you are wondering if to buy a waist cincher or a corset, then it pays to learn the difference between the two. A waist cincher is worn underneath your clothing and is meant to remain there for long periods. However, you can wear a corset to work and attend other fun events.


Buying a corset top

Before setting out to purchase a corset top online, it is a good idea to consider several things first since you will not have an opportunity to try it on physically.

Check out the type: If you are a plus size woman then order for a plus size steel boned corset top as it is robust and will last longer and will give you the best shaping results. Most wearers prefer steel to plastic corset tops. Aside from buying steel boned, consider too the type of fabric and how to maintain it. Avoid machine washing corset tops as this will cause rusting.

Buying also has the pitfall of not ordering the right size for your body. It pays to measure your natural waist especially the thinnest area of your waist. Also, consider the shape of your body to help you determine the right size of corset top.

How to wear a corset

If you plan to wear a corset top on a regular basis, then it is a good idea to wear it with another layer of clothing between the corset and your skin. This is because the mixture of your sweat and oils on your skin will rub off the lining and shorten its life. It is always good to plan to prolong clothing life and corsets are no exceptions.

When you wear a corset top correctly, it is a beautiful and elegant addition to your attire and will accentuate your curves and female charms. If you feel shy the first time that fine. However, I am yet to meet a woman who secretly doesn't want to bring out her most stunning shape and attract the most animated gossip, and a corset top is a perfect recipe for that, so be it. So, to make a corset top bring out the best in you, here's how to wear one:

1. Pick the right one

For starters, you need to pick the right corset top for you by determining the best style that would suit you best. Designers insist on two styles: Underbust and Overbust. An overbust top covers the chest and best suits women with a small to medium bust. Huge women have a problem finding overbust corset tops that will accommodate them. So determine what you might want to pair the corset and select accordingly.

2. Material and colour

Next, consider the material and colour. If it is your first time to wear a corset top, then go for a neutral colour. Most black corset tops match pretty well with most attire. As for material, choose the material you are happy with ranging from leather to vinyl, but brocades and satins are a good option.

3. Choose the right fit

Rarely will you find corset tops packaged in small, medium and large, as they run in waist measurement and are designed to stay slightly open at the back and although corset tops are meant to be tight, care is taken to leave them slightly open at the back to allow you to breathe freely? Nothing pleases the wearer more than learning that she has got the right fit.


4. Lace it well

Lacing a corset top needs to be done properly. Try lacing from bottom to top and make the top loop of the bow tight the bottom. While allowing the lower loop tighten the top. Proper lacing will make the corset top look fresh and amazing on you.

One mistake many women do is to wear their laces tied around their waist. The corrodes the fabric of the corset top and if you hate leaving your laces dangling then try to separate the bow around the waist in two. This will make it easier to tuck the ends of the lace under the bottom of the corset top.

5. Relax corset top

Once you take your corset off, let your corset top breathe, relax and air out. Put it on a hanger or the back of a chair. This will make the corset fibres get back into shape. If you plan to wear your corset top repeatedly over the coming few days, then it is a good idea to own several corset tops to let you alternate. Take care to avoid wearing the same corset top daily to avoid wearing it off faster. Once you take it off, wipe down the lining of your corset top with a wet cloth to remove any oils and sweat drops.

The verdict

Finally, corset tops have been both criticised and hailed for millennia. They have been understood to take on many forms of the human condition. For years the function of the corset was to compress the outline of the female waistline after childbirth. But eventually, this was transformed to the more sophisticated "hourglass figure" craze.

In the world of fitness, the corset has carved its place as a favourite accessory that is intended to be worn out while working out. While in the fashion industry, a corset is a favoured outfit for socialites, musicians, and movie stars. While it continues to receive negative reviews coupled with multiple lawsuits. The corset top has weathered all the storms and from all appearances, will continue to do so for some time.