en-US Waisting Away Online shopping for Corsets, Waist Cinchers, Shapewear, Bustiers and Waist Trainers. Shop with confidence on Waisting Away! Thu, 26 Nov 2020 05:37:12 +0000 http://fishpig.co.uk/magento/wordpress-integration/?v= https://www.corset.co.za/ Everything you need to know about corsets Most people have an idea that a corset is just a sexy piece of lingerie. A corset is used as lingerie, but its purpose is far more useful than just being pleasing to the eye. A corset has been famous since the 1800’s and back then, it was lingerie. Today, the modern corset is a tool to pull in your waist which gives your torso an hourglass shape. It works like a bra, giving your bust shape. Accept a corset will shape your waist and have you feeling ultimately sexy in no time.

Today, corsets are becoming very popular because they create killer curves. Most celebrities are also into the trending of wearing a corset. Corsets have been worn in the past by aristocrats and now in today’s day and age, just about anybody can wear one.

What is a corset?

Corsets are made from a durable, yet flexible fabric. In waist training, the most famous material is a sturdy latex. This material is reinforced with steel boning (flexible steel rods) to give the corset strength for cinching in your waist and accentuating your curves. Corsets are made to fit around your midsection and can either be a underbust or an overbust. It all depends on your style and what you like to wear. Underbusts are very popular and can be for any occasion. It can be worn daily just like women wear a bra.

Corsets can be worn either over your clothes or under your clothes. The more steel bones in a corset, the more you will get that hourglass figure that you want. If you wear the corset regularly, you can see a difference straight away. Some people have dramatic changes in just a short time.

Should you wear a corset?

Steel boned corsets are fashionable,  and women wear them for many reasons. Some corsets are as a fashion statement, and some corsets are worn for weddings. Many women wear a corset for to straighten the posture. Women wear corsets to get that hourglass figure. Whatever the reason is, the results of wearing a corset is always positive. It has been a favourite trend for centuries. The hourglass figure is what most women aspire to. Wearing a corset will get you the hourglass figure that you want.

What about safety?

It is not dangerous to wear a corset. There has to be common sense when deciding to wear a corset. Safe corseting practices are advised. It is good to choose a corset that fits your body type. If your corset is causing you pain or discomfort, then you are not wearing it correctly, or you have purchased a size too small. Our corsets come in three settings so that you can gently train your body to shape into an hourglass figure over time. Do not push yourself, take it slow and in your stride, you will know when it is the right time to push for the next set.

Corsets are safe when worn correctly. In fact, they help control back pain and corsets also correct your posture. There are more benefits to wearing a corset than there are cons. It comes highly recommended. In fact, there are some women who have had back injuries who praise corsets. The corsets relieve pain. Use wisdom when purchasing a corset. Don’t go for a corset that is too small.

How does the corset work?

Corsets offer an instant hourglass figure. Waist trainers can also obtain permanent results in shaping your waistline. Wearing a corset can also help with weight loss. The corset makes you feel like eating lesser quantities of food. The material and steel bones tighten your waist. One notices a difference almost immediately.

Waist training is training your waist to become slimmer and trimmer.

The steel boning is essential because the steel bones are necessary for cinching the waist. Anything that is not steel boning is used mainly for aesthetics and is only used to look good. It will not be a waist trainer. It is just for fashion. Our waist trainers are used to trim the waistline. You can trim your waist as tight as you want it to go.

What results can you expect from wearing a corset?

There are many before and after results that you can see when searching reviews on how much a corset has helped to gain that hourglass figure. For some women, results are immediate. It depends on your body shape.

What is the difference between a corset and a waist trainer?

A corset is usually satin, cotton or leather. A corset uses steel boning to shape your waist. You can wear it as a fashion statement

A waist trainer is latex fabric, and it is shapewear that uses the elasticity of the material to tighten the waist. A waist trainer is worn as an undergarment.

Underbust vs overbust:

Underbust corsets are usually worn underneath your clothes. It fits right underneath the breasts. Overbust corsets can be worn in place of a bra. Overbusts can also be worn as clothing. It depends on what suits you best.

How do you clean a corset?

It is best to take your corset to an experienced dry cleaner. Do not ever put your corset into a washing machine. You will ruin the fabric, and the steel bones will rust. You can spot clean it with detergent and allow it to dry. Always air out your corset and line it over a hangar. Use fabric freshener in between cleanings. Do not dry your corset outside where the sunlight is as that will damage the corset.

As women, the older we get, the more our metabolism starts to deteriorate, and we do not lose weight as quickly as when we were younger. The reason our metabolism slows down is also why it is necessary to exercise or wear a corset to train the waistline. You will notice a change in your waistline if you are serious about waist training.  Enjoy your new hourglass figure!

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Top 10 places to buy Waist Trainers Waist trainer has been in the fashion world for quite some time now, and it continues to be a preferred choice amongst the fashionistas. From models, celebrities, to trainer women, all different fields' people are using waist trainers to accentuate their waistline. Waist trainer is a step forward from the conventional corset, and they have become popular among women who want hourglass figure. If you are one of those women and looking for places to buy waist trainer, then you have certainly come to the right place.


Here are top 10 places to buy waist trainer online

Waisting Away:

Waisting Away is a reputed online retailer known for its comfort and quality. Since its inception in Capetown, the portal became a go-to destination for many customers looking for shapewear as well as waist trainers.

Visit Website: https://www.corset.co.za/

Angela Friedman:

Angela Friedman is an online waist trainer shop that will help you flaunt your figure in the most comfortable way. They have different varieties of waist trainers that you can choose from.

Visit Website: https://angelafriedman.com/

Hips and Curves:

Hips and Curves is one of the best ten places to buy waist trainer online if you are on the curvy side. This site is solely dedicated to plus size women. They have a wide variety of waist trainers for women which are stylish and help them accentuate their curves in all the right way.

Visit Website: https://www.hipsandcurves.com/

Orchard Corset:

Orchard Corset is one of the best waist trainer stores online that takes the agenda of customer care to a new level. No matter for what purpose you are looking waist trainers for; they have different option to suit your different needs.

Visit Website: https://www.orchardcorset.com/

Timeless Trends:

Timeless trends, true to its name, sells timeless waist trainers that will add beauty and style to your wardrobe. They have been setting new standards for their competitors with their designs and customer care. They also offer a lifetime guarantee on their products.

Visit Website: https://timeless-trends.com/


Etsy is known for their handmade stylish waist trainers to suit the style of different women. With quality materials and craftsmanship, each of their waist trainers would add beauty to your wardrobe.

Visit Website: https://www.etsy.com/

The Bad Button Corsets:

Here you will find waist trainers that have the perfect blend of modern ideas and historical inspiration. You can get a customised waist trainer depending upon your size.

Visit Website: http://www.thebadbuttoncorsets.com/

Ava Corsetry:

Ava offers quality and cost-effective waist trainers for every woman who is seeking for a perfect hourglass look.

Visit Website: https://avacorsetry.co.uk/

What Katie Did:

What Katie Did is for all the glamorous women who are looking for something different. They have an array of waist trainers to choose from with different price tags.

Visit Website: https://www.whatkatiedid.com/

My City Corset:

My City Corset is another place among the ten places to buy waist trainer online. Different materials, different designs, and different looks; they give you everything that you look for in a waist trainer.

Visit Website: https://mysticcitycorsets.com/

Fairy GothMother:

A passionately ran store; Fairy GothMother is last on our list of 10 places to buy a waist trainer online. They aim at creating stylish yet comfortable looking waist trainers for women. With keeping quality in mind, they make products that accentuate all the right curves of the women.

Visit Website: https://www.fairygothmother.co.uk/

So these were some of the top 10 places to buy waist trainer online. If you want to buy waist trainers, then these stores would have a lot to offer you.

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All You Need To Know About Waist Training Corsets If you are planning to get a waist trainer for all of its benefits you have heard of or if you already have one and now you have a big question mark above your head, then read on. We have compiled some of the most practical tips so you can burn fat and get that curve you've been hoping for.

Get the right size

Just like with shoes or clothes, you need to get the right size of waist trainer to use. If you have a poor fitting corset, it will be uncomfortable and will not give you your desired results.

How To Use A Waist Trainer Effectively.

Buy A Waist Trainer For Your Body Type, Waist trainers are not a one size fits all kind of thing. You can choose from different styles that are designed for specific body types. Some aspects to consider are the length, size, shape, and curve, and fabric used. If you get a waist trainer that fits your body type, waist training will be more comfortable, and you will see better results.

How To Lace Your Waist Trainer

When tightening a corset, you need to remember that you can't do it too tightly the first time. If you are just beginning, it must be snug, but you must be able to slide several fingers along its top and bottom. You can gradually raise the squish factor as you get more comfortable wearing it. Likewise, as you use the corset, it will also adjust to your body.

How Long Should You Wear Your Waist Trainer

If it's just your first time to wear it, you can wear the corset for 1.5 to 2 hours max. You can do this for several days as if you're breaking in your body and your corset. During regular waist training, you can wear it at least 4 to 6 hours per day.


Gradually is the magic word

With waist training, gradually is your magic word. Don't tighten it to the point that it becomes painful to wear. Over the course of waist training, you can gradually tighten it through 10 to 14 days. Sure, you want to see some results, but do not rush it. Rush, and you risk damaging your waist trainer and yourself.

Take a breather

On some days you can wear it for as long as 6 hours, but on certain days, you can give yourself a break. Don't worry, even the most aggressive people doing waist training take it off on certain days.

Waist training, diet, and exercise

You can couple your waist training with a healthy diet and exercise. You can buy all the waist trainers, but it is important that you take good care of your body. Never wear your corset while exercising.

Fashion Corsets Are Different

Do not make the biggest mistake of buying fashion corsets thinking that they're good for waist training. They are not, and you will just be wasting your money.

Waist training while sleeping

If you plan to wear your waist trainer, you can cinch your waist trainer an inch or two less than what you do during the daytime.

How To Make Sure You're Buying The Best Steel Boned Training Corset

If you've decided to treat yourself to a steel boned training corset, making sure you're buying a quality item is going to be at the top of your priorities list. With plenty of corsets on the market, and with prices starting with a pocket money price tag, it can often be hard to decipher what corsets are worth parting with a little extra cash for. So, to help ensure you make an informed decision when it comes to buying your dream corset.

It's what's on the inside that counts

For a quality steel boned training corset, it's all about what's on the inside that counts. So you may have found a corset with seriously gorgeous fabric, but if it's got cheap boning underneath, it's not going to make the grade. Make sure you know what boning your corset has - especially if you want to see results with your waist training. A standard corset with steel boning will feature around 12 flat steel bones whereas a waist training corset could have anything around the 16-24 mark - and those will usually be a mix of spiral and flat steel bones.

How to tell your corset is top quality

It doesn't matter if you're a corset novice, these simple things to look out for will help you check that your corset is the real deal.

How heavy it is

Lots of cheaper corsets have plastic boning, so they're considerably lighter than quality steel boned training corsets. So, a top quality piece of corsetry is going to feel quite hefty when you pick it up and give it a good feel. But feel away because it's the best way to find out if your corset is going to do what you want it to do - which is - mould to your figure and train that waist into shape!


Check the seams

As with all good quality fashion, you can tell a lot by the seams. And when a piece of fashion has to withstand some serious tension, the seams need to be good and strong. So have a good look over your steel boned training corset and check that those seams are there to stay. Bad stitching and small seam allowances are a surefire sign of bad craftsmanship.

Does it mould to your body?

Even if you're still unsure as to whether you're holding a corset that's at the top of the class or one that's going to fail to make the grade, you can tell even more by trying your corset on. A steel boned training corset will feel heavier and more constricting - as those steel bones will be doing a proper job, unlike their plastic counterparts. What's more, steel bones have the ability to mould to your body shape whereas plastic bones don't. Just imagine a metal pipe cleaner and (if they existed) a plastic pipe one. The metal one can bend, the plastic one will snap.

Check the fabric

Lastly, it's a good idea to check over the fabric of your corset. You're basically on the lookout for non-stretchy material - something like cotton for instance. That's because your steel boned training corset is all about staying put, keeping you sucked in and contained. What's the point of wrapping up all that corset technology in a stretchy fabric when it's defeating the purpose?

Money talks

There's no denying it, we all love a deal - but sometimes it's worth spending a little extra if you know you'll be getting your money's worth. A corset that costs pennies isn't going to do what you want it to do. Ok, so you may get one night's wear out of a cheap corset, but it certainly won't cinch you in to create those killer curves that superior corsets do. Spend your money wisely, and you'll have a corset that's with you for the long haul.

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Was the $19K Madonna Corset Sold at the Auction a Fake? When the auction site GottaHaveRockAndRoll put up a corset purportedly worn by Madonna on the block, they did not foresee the kind of controversy and hullabaloo their action would generate. The site had laid the claim that the corset had been worn by Madonna during her "Like a Virgin" album cover shoot. The auction site received a top bid from a buyer who made a pledge of $19,294 for the Madonna corset.

However, things turned topsy-turvy when Maripol, a designer who was part of the shooting cast of the cover, claimed that the corset that had been put up for sale was an absolute fake. The designer was adamant that the corset offered by GottaHaveRockAndRoll, not the same one that the artist and Mage had used during the shoot of the "Like a Virgin" album cover.

By making these claims, the artist put the authenticity of the iconic white lace piece that the auctioneers had offered into question. Maripol authoritatively insisted that she be very familiar with the corset worn by Madonna during the shoot. She confided to some media houses that she had designed the corset that the superstar wore on the cover of "Like a Virgin". She went ahead to challenge anyone to compare that photos of the two pieces side-by-side to see the subtle difference between them. Her confidence, Maripol explained, was borne out of the fact she had sewn the original corset herself.

On the contrary, the auction organisers, GottaHaveRockAndRoll, insisted that the corset on offer not be a fake, but the real deal. On its part, the company contended that it had bought two corsets from Macy's and that the one that had gotten a bid of $19K had been used both onstage and in the album cover photo shoot by the iconic singer. The controversy generated by the scandalous back-and-forth threw a spanner into the works. The $19K anonymous bidder demanded to have a second, closer look at the corset that they had bid for.


Keen observers were quick to point out that this was not the first controversy that the auction house has been embroiled in. Madonna had filed for a court order to have the auction about 22 items that the company intended to put on the block halted. The memorabilia included Madonna's items worn satin panties, a hairbrush (that had strands of Madonna's hair), and a breakup letter penned by the late rapper, Tupac Shakur. The personnel at GottaHaveRockAndRoll seemed undaunted by this action, and they were still hoping to put the disputed items on the block at a future auction event. However, Maripol explained that this would not happen, as Madonna did not want anyone to have her DNA without her consent.

As with all scandals, a good number of people were quick to take sides. There were those who firmly believe that the corset that was offered at the auction was a fake; that it was different from the one used during the photo shoot of "Like a Virgin" album cover. They were of the opinion that those who claimed the two were the same had gotten it wrong.

One such argument was being propagated by a lady whose work brought her near superstars who have a fondness for corsets. She said that Madonna is wearing two items on the cover of the album. She has the white floral corset – the crux of controversy-and over this, she is in a white mesh. The white mesh was cut to go over the corset. The mesh seems to have been cut to size as it perfectly covers the corset. At first glance, this makes the corset to look quite different. However, the lady added, zooming on the photos of both the auction corset and the one on the album cover reveals the truth. The pattern of the corset under the mesh shows that the corset is not the same as the one that was bid for $19K. The floral pattern is similar, but the position and size of flowers are different on the two corsets. On the auction corset, the flowers are set differently from those on the album cover. The lady opines that Madonna must have worn the two corsets, but that they are not the same.

Another expert, who believes that the two photos do not depict the same item, further supports the above thought. In his words, the first corset could have been worn when the Madonna performed the title of the "like a virgin" track at the 1984 MTV awards. The second corset could have been worn during the album cover photo shoot. Considering that the photo shoot happened about two months after the MTV event, it is likely that the corsets were similar, but not the same.


Maripol, the corset designer, was infuriated by any suggestion that the two items are the same corset. She was particularly incensed by the claims by a GottaHaveRockAndRoll representative that what was sold on the auction day was the same corset used by Madonna during her performance. Maripol insisted that this be a blatant lie, as there was only one corset, which she had sewn. She expressed her anger that the company had duped somebody into paying over $19K for a fake.

Maripol is seen by many as a reputable authority in such matters. Born in France, Maripol has worked as an artist, designer and is a former director of Fiorucci - a world renown Italian brand. Many people, therefore, feel compelled to accept her word when she insists that the corset sold at the auction was a fake.

In spite of being legally ordered to remove the 22 Madonna's memorabilia from the auction, organisers of the auction site lauded the exercise as a success, having realised about $750,000 by closing time. However, their future sale of the Madonna items was put in doubt after the Darlene Lutz, Madonna's aide, vowed to seek the intervention of the Supreme Court in New York and reclaim the items for Madonna.

More experts have since come out to explain the matter of the corset worn by "The Material Girl". The bottom line that the corset pictured on the Site's website looks distinctly different. Indeed, a closer look will reveal that it has a floral pattern that is subtly, but definitely, distinct from the one on the album cover. Additionally, the white lace corset on the website has more straps - which are missing from its counterpart from the album cover.

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Corset Shapewear for Sexyness The phenomenal increase in the popularity of Corset Shapewear has directly contributed to the growth in the number of shapewear designers.Shapewear has become one of the most sought after outfits in the design and fashion industry. That has arisen from the fact that more and more women are becoming aware of the importance of boosting their body’s appearance. The fact that shapewear makes a woman look sexier in many ways has made it a must-have item in every woman’s closet. Shapewear is a favourite of many women who would like to smooth out curves and achieve an hourglass figure. The addition of waist trainers and butt lift shapers has propelled the shapewear industry to new heights.

A lot of research, time and other resources have expanded towards enhancing the sexyness of shapewear outfits. Many firms have spent years to come up with the innovative jaw-dropping shapewear designs that we have in the market today. Women are attracted to shapewear outfits that are beautiful, functional and oozes of sexyness. Such outfits are desirable as they can easily pull off whenever a fashion event pops up.

How are corset shapewear shaping the trend in sexyness?

The benefits of corset shapewear outfits cannot be overstated. They bring out the best in every woman, in many ways:

  1. Will powerfully show off your sexy curves.

  2. The corset shapewear will effectively get rid of unwanted bulges.

  3. Will effortlessly hide those parts of the body that do not seem so appealing.

  4. Take part in the growing, fiery trend in the fashion industry.


Shapewear contours and complements your body as a woman in several ways. The corset shapewear, however, does more than this. It very effectively enhances your feminine figure, thus heightening the sense of sexyness. The corset version ably achieves this effect while remaining functional and realistic. They are particularly useful in intimate situations where they accentuate your body’s sexy silhouette – thus enhancing the purpose of the moment. Equally effective is the use of corset shapewear under the regular items of clothing. Your curves are significantly improved, and your bust will appear larger and more appealing. This has the effect of making both the wearer and their partners feel sensual, which translates to a big boost for private moments.

Corset Shapewear has indeed become a trend for sexyness. This does not mean that the operational ones have ceased to exist. They are still in the spotlight, but more women are making a preference for the functional and sexy types of shapewear, which are now hogging all the limelight. This means that it is possible for the modern lady to achieve the waist-slimming results of the old-school corsets while looking and feeling sexy as well.

With corset shapewear, looking sexier has never been easier for any lady. It is possible for you to acquire the hourglass figure by using any of the following practical items of corset shapewear:

  1. Waist cincher corset shapewear

    • It has inner lateral rods that allow the wearer to adjust their posture. It also gives you excellent control in the stomach. Its temperature control feature helps in rapid size reduction. It can be comfortably worn on any day, anytime, while enhancing your sexy appearance.
  2. Shapewear Cincher Corset

    • Its inner parts are made of 100% latex. The importance of this is that the temperature control will enhance the loss of fat and elimination of toxins. Additionally, it offers maximum comfort to the wearer.
  3. Latex Corset Shaper

    • Designed to be high compression, the Latex Corset Shaper is very appropriate for trimming and shaping the waist. It works so well that many women have reported instantly slimming by as many as eight cms. It is a favourite of ladies looking to reshape their tummies following a pregnancy.


It is understood that in spite of their shape, all women remain beautiful. However, getting an hourglass figure may call for a little extra help. Many women opt not to get this help from the steel-boned waist training shapewear. Though this version delivers great results by progressive tightening, similar results are possible with the right type of undergarments. Shapewear designers understand this, and they have responded by producing undergarments that are not only functional but also highly visually appealing and sexy. Whether your need for the shapewear arises from childbirth or just because you are naturally shaped that way, it is possible to lose the weight around the middle – and you will look fantastic while at it. The corset shapewear is guaranteed to tighten your midsection and immediately get you the desired differentiation between the chest, waist and hips.

The good news is that there is a sexy version of corset shapewear for women of all body types. For whatever occasion, there is a shaping garment suitable to be worn with whatever you choose. Naturally, sexy women prefer to wear something that will accentuate their beauty. The corset shapewear is the hottest trend in this area.

Before purchasing a shapewear, you may want to consider the following important attributes:

  1. There are many beautiful colours and styles to choose from. Settle on the one that will accentuate your sexyness and enhance how you feel and look.

  2. It is advisable you choose shapewear that has Wonderful Edge hems. Alternatively, choose ones with silicon elastic hems. The aim of doing this is to prevent the undergarments from slipping or riding up.

  3. Have the right measurements, as corset shapewear are not standard. The best option for you is to have yours custom made by your designer.

  4. Opt for firm ones, instead of those that are loose. This will help you moderate control

  5. Women with large busts are best advised to purchase shapewear that has an inbuilt underwear bra, as it gives the best results for them.

  6. Identify the problematic body parts, because they will require the most trimming. Your designer will know how to go about designing the shapewear best suited to your particular needs.

  7. The full body shaper you buy should be chosen based on the size of your bust and bra.

  8. It is important to ensure that the shapewear fits well, and that you are comfortable throughout.

The world over, female celebrities and other women alike are turning to Corset Shapewear as a trend for sexyness. They are confident in the knowledge that it is possible to attain a great figure while looking sexy in the process.

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The Top 10 Benefits of Wearing a Waist Trainer/Corset Waist training can help you eat less

This is probably one of the most surprising benefits of wearing waist trainers. Many women who wear waist trainers claim that putting on a waist trainer or a full corset is like a non-surgical lap band. The waist trainers tend to restrict your eating simply because there isn't much room left for your stomach to expand inside the trainer. According to these women, waist trainers are safer than going for surgery. Most of them claim that they simply put on the waist trainer whenever they feel the desire to curb on their eating habits.

Corsets are simply sexy

Every woman yearns to be sexy and attractive. That is what you get when you wear a corset. It gives you the right style and size. Be sure to attract attention because you will be looking amazing all through. They are the top secret for most celebrities you see on our television. You start feeling pretty as soon as you tighten the laces. No need to worry about your shape, simply put on the corset and you are good to go.

Pain relief

There are lots of testimonials online about people who achieved pain relief from wearing a waist trainer. One of the most common types of pains that the waist trainers can relieve you from is the back pain. The most typical back pain occurs in the lumbar region of the lower back. Waist trainers help to alleviate this type of pain by providing the necessary lumbar support. Although there are numerous products on the market designed to support the lower back, none of them is quite effective as a waist trainer.


Waist trainers help to correct bad posture

Although bad posture usually starts out like a bad habit, it can lead to stomach cramps, back pains and much more. Many people are suffering from the effects of bad posture due to the amount of time they spend sitting at their computer or hooked on their mobile phones. Wearing a waist trainer will force you to stand and sit up straight without even realizing it. As you do this a repeated number of times, your body slowly begins to be accustomed to the correct posture and position.

Wearing a waist trainer may lead to temporary weight loss

Medical practitioners agree that wearing a waist trainer may result in temporary loss of weight. They say that during the workout, waist training tends to increase your body temperatures which cause profuse sweating. As you sweat, the body tends to burn more calories which may lead to significant weight loss. But you must keep in mind that this is just a temporary solution. It only works when you are wearing the waist trainer, and once you stop it, your body will rapidly gain the weight it lost. You can opt for other ways if you are looking for a permanent solution to your weight issues.

Waist trainers can help to avoid back injuries

This is contrary to the common myth that waist trainers are uncomfortable. The fact is that wearing a waist trainer doesn’t limit your mobility at all. If you often fall prey to common back injuries, such as to bend at the waist or lifting with your back instead of your knees, a waist trainer can be a big advantage to you. When you are wearing a waist trainer, your entire midsection is restricted which prevents all sorts of moves that may cause serious injuries to your back. Wearing a corset can also play a crucial role in alleviating abdominal injuries that are usually worse.


It can help people Asthmatic people

Asthmatic people can greatly benefit from wearing of waist trainers since proper posture opens up the lungs which allow them to breathe freely and consistently. Be sure to consult your physician if you are asthmatic and you want to adopt waist training as a remedy to your condition to determine whether your respiratory system can comfortably handle it.

They help in reducing menstrual cramps

A majority of women are appreciative to the waist trainer for helping them get rid of the severe pain caused by menstrual cramps when they are in their monthly periods. The waist trainer tends to compress your organ which helps in reducing the cramps. The compression reduces the painful uterine contractions. Contrary to the myth that exists, the compression is minimal and rarely does it cause any damage to your organs. They no longer have to bother about experiencing pain when they are carrying out their daily duties.

Corsets reduces your waist size

If you are looking to reduce your natural waist size, then corsets will do exactly that. Results may vary from one individual to other, but at the end of the day, you achieve your target. For beginners, the "rule of two" is a perfect starting point. The rule states that wearing your waist trainer for two hours a day will reduce to a waist of reduction of up to two inches. With all types of junky food we feed on, we can only benefit from that.

Don’t fail to start waist training by purchasing a suitable waist trainer so that you enjoy the above-mentioned benefits. It is easy, and it won’t take you long before you start experiencing massive changes.

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Waist Training: How To Use A Waist Trainer Effectively Traditionally, a corset is a garment used to hold and shape the torso into a desirable shape. While it was usually worn for style, it was also worn for medical reasons. Both men and women were known to wear this garment; although corsets are generally associated with the ladies. In recent times, fashion designers have borrowed this term to refer to a modern style of tops, which offer women a modern sense of the beauty and aesthetic elegance of the past.

This garment is typically made of a flexible material that is held together by lacing. The lacing can be adjusted depending on how loose or tight the wearer wants the garment to be. There are many different types of corsets. An over bust variety stretches from the arms to the hips and covers the whole torso. An under bust range starts from below the breasts and goes down to the hips. There are some varieties which even reach the knees. Some smaller varieties cover just the waist area. A woman does not need to have an hour glass figure to wear this garment. Plus size corsets are also available for overweight women. Wearing corset costumes in fancy dress competitions has been a trend in many countries. Choosing the right corset tops is essential if a woman wants to stay in touch with the latest fashion trends.

Over the years, this garment has also been blamed for many health related issues. However, it is agreed that the corset is perfectly safe to wear and does not cause any major health related problems. Many women have used this garment to achieve and maintain small waists. However, it is important that women refrain from wearing the laces too tight. Comfort and elegance are the main purposes of this form of apparel. But there are also many benefits of wearing this dress. It is most commonly used in post pregnancy care. It helps to heal the abdominal wall, which might have over stretched during the latter stages of pregnancy. Doctors might advise the mother to wear a medically modified corset to heal a condition where the muscle wall and the rectus separate vertically. Sometimes after pregnancy, the lower abdomen of the woman starts to sag. Many find it difficult to get rid of this weight despite hard training and regular sit ups. That is why many modern women wear corsets after giving birth to a child, to regain their figure.

On the other hand, pregnant women utilized particular maternity corsets that had laced panels which extended as their bellies developed. Ultimately these corsets were not utilized for waist reduction or to accomplish an hourglass shape, but rather they were utilized for the support for the back and centre.


Not just women of Victorian age, even women of today utilize corsets even during pregnancy and after pregnancy.

In the first trimester, numerous women can do crunches and sit-ups without hurting the fetus. Numerous women in the Victorian period still laced with their ordinary corsets in their first trimester of pregnancy, yet it's emphatically prescribed to wear an adaptable girdle anytime amid pregnancy.

These adaptable corsets are exceptionally outlined corsets for pregnant women. Pretty much as any dependable lady would quickly quit drinking and smoking once she found she's pregnant, a lady of today should instantly evacuate the iron corset regularly to seem slimmer after understanding she's pregnant and utilize the one that is adaptable and expandable. In case you are pregnant and discover you have a weak core or experience back torment, back bolster still exists as more adaptable maternity bolster belts or Ebelly bands which won't hurt the child. Numerous women of the past wear pressure rigging to offer their organs some assistance with moving back into position.

Despite the fact that pressure rigging is a bit much, it can enliven the procedure. Truth be told it's just the same old thing new. Civilizations have been utilizing it for a considerable length of time before tight binding corsets showed up in the west.

Your doctor could conceivably suggest pressure gear for you, contingent upon your size, your level of well-being, the trouble of your conveyance. Nonetheless, in case that you advance the go beyond from your doctor to utilize compression gear to hasten the procedure of recuperation after child birth, it should be right to lace down gently (5 centimetres or something like that) in a well-fitted waist trainer corset. Speak to your doctor in case you'd like to begin wearing a corset for any reason.

The idea isn't new, particularly in Latin American where women scrape themselves in dresses which are like corsets, however, the pattern is getting on in Hollywood. Much previous Playboy companion Holly Madison supposedly utilized similar taille formed corset pregnancy to offer her some assistance with achieving a little midsection six weeks in the wake of conceiving an offspring.

Forget the celebrity trainers. Indeed, even you can get the figure of your fantasy after your conveyance that will make others envy you. At the point when svelte star Jessica Alba needed to recover her acclaimed figure after her two pregnancies, she swung to a certain binding method, and that was the utilization of corset waist training solution for weight loss.

If you are planning to get a waist trainer for all of its benefits you have heard of or if you already have one and now you have a big question mark above your head, then read on.



Below are tips to guide so that you can burn fat and get that curve you've been hoping for.

Get the right size

Just like with shoes or clothes, you need to get the right size of waist trainer to use. If you have a poor fitting corset, it will be uncomfortable and will not give you your desired results.

Buy A Waist Trainer For Your Body Type

Waist trainers are not a one size fits all kind of thing. You can choose from different styles that are designed for specific body types. Some aspects to consider are the length, size, shape, and curve, and fabric used. If you get a waist trainer that fits your body type, waist training will be more comfortable, and you will see better results.

How To Lace Your Waist Trainer

When tightening a corset, you need to remember that you can't do it too tightly the first time. If you are just beginning, it must be snug, but you must be able to slide several fingers along its top and bottom. You can gradually raise the squish factor as you get more comfortable wearing it. Likewise, as you use the corset, it will also adjust to your body.

How Long Should You Wear Your Waist Trainer

If it's just your first time to wear it, you can wear the corset for 1.5 to 2 hours max. You can do this for several days as if you're breaking in your body and your corset. During regular waist training, you can wear it at least 4 to 6 hours per day.

Gradually is the magic word

With waist training, gradually is your magic word. Don't tighten it to the point that it becomes painful to wear. Over the course of waist training, you can gradually tighten it through 10 to 14 days. Sure, you want to see some results, but do not rush it. Rush, and you risk damaging your waist trainer and yourself.

Take a breather

On some days you can wear it for as long as 6 hours, but on certain days, you can give yourself a break. Don't worry, even the most aggressive people doing waist training take it off on certain days.

Waist training, diet, and exercise

You can couple your waist training with healthy eating and exercise. You can buy all the waist trainers, but it is important that you take good care of your body. Never wear your corset while exercising.

Fashion Corsets Are Different

Do not make the biggest mistake of buying fashion corsets thinking that they're suitable for waist training. They are not, and you will just be wasting your money.

Waist training while sleeping

If you plan to wear your waist trainer, you can cinch your waist trainer a centimetre or two less than what you do during the daytime.

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How to look great with corsets Everyone wants to look slim. One can reduce waist size by wearing a corset. one can properly shape their body by wearing the right waist training corset. A corset helps to reduce your waist to a considerable size, and you look slimmer than your original body shape. You can also reduce your waist size by wearing a proper corset regularly. You have to select the right corset to get the desired results. It will help you to remain active and confident throughout the day.

The main function of a waist training corset is to give proper body shape. A waist training corset should be sturdy. Some companies only make decorative corsets. Decorative corsets may not serve the desired purpose of giving proper body shape. A steel boned corset with at least 12 steel bones inside can give proper shape to your torso. The steel bones should be encased properly so that no discomfort is produced when you wear it for long hours. It should also be made up of a sturdy material to withstand the pressure of the light decorative lacing. You have to wear the corset regularly for body shaping.

The training corset should be made up of cotton because it can absorb the sweat and is suitable to wear. It will not produce any harm to your skin as well. If your corset is made up of synthetic material, it can cause skin infections over time. It is important to buy corsets from a reliable store to get durability and quality at the same time. The corset that you buy for yourself should be of proper shape so that it should not produce any bodily harm. A well-shaped corset will not harm your internal organs, and you will not feel any discomfort while breathing. If you really want to change your body shape, you have to wear waist training corset continuously for six days. You can buy your corset from an online store as well, but here you will not get a chance to wear it. Therefore, you can also visit your nearest store to find the best corset for your body. Under bust waist training corset keeps your bosom and busts in shape and gives a perfect feminine figure to your body. You can wear it to look sensuous and to improve the normal shape of your body.


The rising popularity of corsets

Corsets have become an issue among many women these days. if you are a lover of beautiful things, corsets are the perfect choice to make as they help to flaunt your beauty and appealing personality among the people around you. Putting on a corset is more than giving a nice shape to your body. It looks much attractive and appealing. Corsets these days cater a broad range of accessories and delectable to choose from. Whether you are looking for true corsets or anything else, you must know about certain aspects about wearing a corset if you desire to enjoy the best result.

It is important first to know the size of your body. With this, you will know the right corset for yourself that gives the best shape to your body and will also give you a lot of benefits to enjoy. Using a corset allows one to get a marvellous body shape without one suffering from health related issues if you apply sufficient method and corset-wearing. While buying a corset, you should also like it so that you love wearing it. This way, you can accept possible restrictions and difficulties in an easy way. You should choose a corset that has a nice shape. The shape of your body and the form of your waist are the most important things for the full body appearance.


Getting back in shape with corsets

Women are worried about their weight, and every woman wants to lose weight to look slim and trim. It is a dream of every woman to lose weight and get a slender waist. If you are also looking a way to get a slim waist, you should use waist training corset. It is the best way to ensure proper fit and to avoid any discomfort. You should have proper information and knowledge about waist training corsets to get complete benefits. You have to follow a simple procedure, and some tips are given here that may help you to get slender waist by using waist training corset.

You have to eat a good healthy diet to complement the effects of waist training corset. This helps you to achieve the results faster. Avoid eating high-fat meals and eat six small low-calorie meals every day. Clean the area properly every day because corset will not allow any air to pass through your skin cells. It may lead to infection. It is very important to clean the skin every day and apply a good moisturizer when you take off the corset.

Replace your corset after few weeks. When you wear a corset for long hours, it gets worn out and is not fit for wearing. You can reduce the size of the corset when you buy a new corset for the second time. Waist training corsets mostly concentrate on the middle part of your torso. There is pressure on hips or breast, and it facilitates easy movement of your body. Corsets provide excellent curve to the body and help in reducing extra fat from one's body thus making their waist slender. You will notice a change in the size of your waist within few months.Slowly reduce the size because sudden reduction can cause constrictions and discomfort on your body.

These are some of the things that one needs to know about true corsets or wearing corset if they want to enjoy the best result. Putting on a corset can give you the kind of look and body shape that you have always desired.Therefore, do not waste more time and get out there to find an appropriate corset for yourself. A great body is often one's own handwork and dedication to look great you should, therefore, stay focused and consistent if you need that killer body shape.

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Corset Tops If you have had a little obsession with corset tops, it is probably due to the inevitable fact that you have suddenly "ballooned out" and this fashion style might at last look stunning on you. Again the corset top is an irresistibly flexible item and classy especially when you add a blue blazer on top. However, hey watch out! By corset top, I do not mean the underwear variety.

Corset tops are designed as fashion accessories and definitely shouldn't be mistaken with waist cinchers. They are a smart way to show off your body and are guaranteed to turn heads especially outdoors. Don a corset top and step out on the dance floor, racing and sports events and become the centre of attraction as all eyes get fixated on your midriff.

Moreover, with such a wide selection of lines and cotton corset tops available on the market these days, you are at liberty to wear them at more formal events, and you may choose to wear one that comes with a skirt or simply wear a single piece look accomplished.

Styles and colours

If you fancy buying your clothing online, like most people these days, you will find plenty of catalogues appearing in a variety of styles and colours, and you can select either corset that is plain designs, or other with extras. For the adventurers, you can even find corsets made from animal patterns, satin, and even leather. Whatever style you prefer, whatever event you plan to attend, or whatever mood you intend to raise, you can be sure to find a corset top that's the right fit for you.

Corset or waist cincher?

If ballooning up has left you feeling disconcerted when you gaze at your image in the mirror, yes! A corset top will help you look curvy and slim. Moreover, if you are wondering if to buy a waist cincher or a corset, then it pays to learn the difference between the two. A waist cincher is worn underneath your clothing and is meant to remain there for long periods. However, you can wear a corset to work and attend other fun events.


Buying a corset top

Before setting out to purchase a corset top online, it is a good idea to consider several things first since you will not have an opportunity to try it on physically.

Check out the type: If you are a plus size woman then order for a plus size steel boned corset top as it is robust and will last longer and will give you the best shaping results. Most wearers prefer steel to plastic corset tops. Aside from buying steel boned, consider too the type of fabric and how to maintain it. Avoid machine washing corset tops as this will cause rusting.

Buying also has the pitfall of not ordering the right size for your body. It pays to measure your natural waist especially the thinnest area of your waist. Also, consider the shape of your body to help you determine the right size of corset top.

How to wear a corset

If you plan to wear a corset top on a regular basis, then it is a good idea to wear it with another layer of clothing between the corset and your skin. This is because the mixture of your sweat and oils on your skin will rub off the lining and shorten its life. It is always good to plan to prolong clothing life and corsets are no exceptions.

When you wear a corset top correctly, it is a beautiful and elegant addition to your attire and will accentuate your curves and female charms. If you feel shy the first time that fine. However, I am yet to meet a woman who secretly doesn't want to bring out her most stunning shape and attract the most animated gossip, and a corset top is a perfect recipe for that, so be it. So, to make a corset top bring out the best in you, here's how to wear one:

1. Pick the right one

For starters, you need to pick the right corset top for you by determining the best style that would suit you best. Designers insist on two styles: Underbust and Overbust. An overbust top covers the chest and best suits women with a small to medium bust. Huge women have a problem finding overbust corset tops that will accommodate them. So determine what you might want to pair the corset and select accordingly.

2. Material and colour

Next, consider the material and colour. If it is your first time to wear a corset top, then go for a neutral colour. Most black corset tops match pretty well with most attire. As for material, choose the material you are happy with ranging from leather to vinyl, but brocades and satins are a good option.

3. Choose the right fit

Rarely will you find corset tops packaged in small, medium and large, as they run in waist measurement and are designed to stay slightly open at the back and although corset tops are meant to be tight, care is taken to leave them slightly open at the back to allow you to breathe freely? Nothing pleases the wearer more than learning that she has got the right fit.


4. Lace it well

Lacing a corset top needs to be done properly. Try lacing from bottom to top and make the top loop of the bow tight the bottom. While allowing the lower loop tighten the top. Proper lacing will make the corset top look fresh and amazing on you.

One mistake many women do is to wear their laces tied around their waist. The corrodes the fabric of the corset top and if you hate leaving your laces dangling then try to separate the bow around the waist in two. This will make it easier to tuck the ends of the lace under the bottom of the corset top.

5. Relax corset top

Once you take your corset off, let your corset top breathe, relax and air out. Put it on a hanger or the back of a chair. This will make the corset fibres get back into shape. If you plan to wear your corset top repeatedly over the coming few days, then it is a good idea to own several corset tops to let you alternate. Take care to avoid wearing the same corset top daily to avoid wearing it off faster. Once you take it off, wipe down the lining of your corset top with a wet cloth to remove any oils and sweat drops.

The verdict

Finally, corset tops have been both criticised and hailed for millennia. They have been understood to take on many forms of the human condition. For years the function of the corset was to compress the outline of the female waistline after childbirth. But eventually, this was transformed to the more sophisticated "hourglass figure" craze.

In the world of fitness, the corset has carved its place as a favourite accessory that is intended to be worn out while working out. While in the fashion industry, a corset is a favoured outfit for socialites, musicians, and movie stars. While it continues to receive negative reviews coupled with multiple lawsuits. The corset top has weathered all the storms and from all appearances, will continue to do so for some time.

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How Safe is Waist Training? Have you heard the recent most hyped story about waist trainers? Obviously YES! You must as well have heard about the celebrities who use them like Kim Kardashian. Waist training which is also referred as waist cinching began around the 1500s. At that time, it was a practice among the stylish American and European women during 1800s and the beginning of 1900s.

African women during the early days used to dress a belt known as Isibhamba. They used Isibhamba to bring back their tummies to regular sizes after having children. During those times, Isibhamba was constructed using grass and animal skin. At the beginning of the 1900s, waist training was a common practice but became outdated in 1920s.

However, in recent times, waist training came back amazingly. It began at the start of the 2000s with the corsets being used in the Steampunk fashion and the Steampunk movement. More lately, waist training has been greatly welcomed back by various celebrities. The question that many people are left asking is, is waist training safe at all? If you are one of them, don’t worry we have you covered


Is Waist Training Safe?

Out there, you will get tons of information telling how dangerous wearing a cincher or corset is. However, the hard truth is that when you use it sensibly and carefully, it is not.

The important thing here is waist training is safe. You only have to ask yourself simple questions like: Is my cincher or corset causing any pain? If your answer is yes, then loosen your corset or remove it entirely to give your body a rest. When your corset or cincher is cinched appropriately, you will feel like it is offering a warm hug.

Many people criticize waist training on the grounds of back pain, acid reflux, bruised ribs and shallow breathing. However, all such criticisms are frequently the outcome of having the waist training excessively, excessive tightening during the early periods or dressing clothing which is inaccurately sized.


How can you waist train safely?

If you want to waist train again or it is your first moment, the following tips will be of great help when undergoing your training if you will follow them.

Get the correct size

It is important to know that poorly fitting corsets are not comfortable and, therefore, wearing a too small corset will not give you the desired results. Look for a waist trainer that will appropriately fit your body form. Corsets are made in various styles fashioned to fit numerous bodily figures.

Season your corset

Your first time of lacing your corset should not be too tight. Fasten it in a way that makes it comfortable. You should be able to quickly slipping many fingers to your entire hand in your bottom or top’s corset. You will be shaped by the boning as the corset will be modifying to your figure.

Waist training was used by the early people and has gained prominence once again in recent times. Many people have little or no information on whether waist training is safe or not. The truth is that when done appropriately, it is safe. It causes no harm to any individual!

You are only required to keep your cinchers or corsets comfortably. When executed appropriately, waist training brings great results!

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