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Medical Disclaimer

We at Waisting Away bring for you some best quality and efficient waist trainers that help you look slim and sexy. Before you start taking up the program, we urge you to seek expert help to avoid any complications. It is important you are in good physical condition to participate in this exercise program. All our programs and waist trainers are proven effective; seeking physician advice helps you to avoid any unforeseen health complexities.

Waisting Away is not licensed medical care provider, and it is important to obtain the advice from experts before you start our exercise program. We do not have any expertise in examining, diagnosing or treating any medical conditions. Waisting Away is also not experienced enough to determine the effect of any exercise which can help you improve medical conditions. Our training programs are no doubt helpful enough. Still, we urge all our customers to check all details before using the training program. We at Waisting Away dedicate in offering top quality services and help you get best possible results, seeking the help of expert physicians to eradicate all chance of health complexities.

Once you start with Waisting Away unique waist training program, we believe you agree to do it at your risk. Individuals eager to seek our unique waist training program should be aware of all health complexities and be solely responsible for any complications afterwards. We at Waisting Away is not liable or responsible for any health issues after following our unique waist training program. Before starting the program make sure you read all details and are confident about the complexities associated with this waist training program.

Waisting Away believes that you agree to carry out the waist training program at your risk and agree to discharge and release Waisting Away waist training program for all causes or claims of action, unknown or known arising out of any complexities. Feel free to reach us for any of such concerns; our team is available to help you provide valuable details about waist training program. Waisting Away believes in providing best possible solution to all our customers.